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Blog #5 (No Logo)

No Logo. What do I mean by “No Logo”? Well for this post, I was given the task to keep a list of brands I see in just one day and to also try to see if I could see a life without brands.

Well first things first, this whole discussion came from a documentary called “No Logo” which if you haven’t seen it, you can do so here.


I have to point out that this wasn’t the vision I saw in class. The one in class had Spanish subs which makes me think that there are people who want to share  and expand that info with others who don’t know the language (which is definitively something you can’t do with TV, for example).

Anyway, for one day I kept record of all the brands I saw. Right when I woke up that day, I starred at the blinking light on the side of my laptop with the circle on top and “DELL” written in big, bold letters (being a college student, I can’t live without) Next came my clothes. Now, I’m not the kind of person to really care about clothing brands, but since I kept the task in mind I just noticed my Nike sneakers and many times when I sat at the study lounge noticed many other people wearing Nike’s as well. I also saw brands like Starbucks (my daily fix) and Subway and Panda Express since they’re close by. On top of that, I can’t forget my Apple since I can’t seem to live without my ipod with me at all times. I’m sure there were a lot more brands I missed like those annoying YouTube ads at the beginning of videos, but yeah there were way too many to keep track of.

So with that, I really can’t see my life without brands. Like it said in the video, brands are everywhere. They are made to sell a lifestyle rather than just the product. Even though most of the time I just want the product I sometimes get into the lifestyle that comes with it to fit in. For example my ipod, I could have just bought any regular mp3 player and it would have done the job just fine, but in my head I had to get the ipod purely for the style (because it has an apple on it). So yes, Klein’s argument did fit my experience.


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