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Blog #6 (Social Networking and Consumption)

In Grandy’s article, it says that “social networking has an ideological character: its networking advances capitalist individualization, accumulation and legitimization.” This statement pretty much means that social media like SNS sites have set standards of what people should be and how they should act in a certain way. These messages are reached to us though these social media sites by creating this idea of what one prefers to be rather than who someone really is. In other words, people are attracted to social networking sites to connect and whatnot, but at the same time people that do this are setting themselves up to be targeted by these products and “belief” media throws at them.

The other day I came across a video on Youtube called “Dove Photoshop Effect”. If you haven’t seen it, you can check it out here:



This video didn’t really surprise me at all since I already knew that things like this happen all the time in the media. But what I’m trying to get at is that the media can do many things. It can show viewers whatever it deems appropriate and distort everything viewers like me see. But this also got me thinking of all the other videos I see on Youtube on a daily bases. Even thou most of the time I’m just watching regular people make videos in their living room and some other videos done professionally (like music videos for example) I never really think about how commercialized Youtube really is. Now that I think about it Youtube really does throw a lot of commercials with brand trying to sell me services and whatnot, and not only that, even some commenters and people that post up videos on Youtube post links to various sites where they want you to buy whatever it is they are selling themselves or something they liked.

But this is just one site where all of this commercialization happens. I know there are other sites like Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram this same thing happens. I know because I have been on those sites many times and seen lots of things on there trying to sell me some thing or idea. It doesn’t even have to be a thing, but people go as far as to even tweet the things they want and post the link to where you can get it as well (I usually find this when I’m looking up something that’s trending). I’m not saying this is all bad. I mean I do things like this at times as well when I really want something, but it’s just good to keep in mind what the media is trying to sell. Most of the time it’s more than just a material of some sort, but also some idea that comes with it whether it’s the message that you’ll look better or something like that.


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