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Blog #7 ((in)Visibility: Technology and Intersectionality)

When I was young, when I was very young, I always told my mom to get the pink blanket or whatever girly thing rather than the so called boyish thing or whatever product that was marketed towards men. Again, when I was young I thought there was actually some difference and that I have to get the one marketed towards females because the male one won’t work with me. For example, a purple tooth brush for me verses say a red one or a shampoo with a pink bottle verses one that’s in a black bottle. I know this sounds ridicules, but I was young.

Now I really don’t see the difference when I go to the store to buy my things, but I have to say one item in the toiletry department of the store really caught me off guard when I first heard about it. Now growing up I have always been using male razors. They only had male razors, but that’s not the reason I bought them. I mean they worked for me, but then this…

That’s right! A razor specifically for women. I don’t really see the difference aside from the color honestly. I mean it’s pretty much the same thing. They both take off your unwanted facial hair, leg hair, armpit hair etc. and this is supposed to appeal to women by the color? I’m guessing… Anyway, I still continue to use male razors simply because they are cheaper than these. It’s actually sad to see that these razors just cost more because they are targeted towards a specific set of people, so the companies know that their product will sell especially if people  have the same mentality I had when I was young. But I don’t mean that it’s necessarily a bad thing to want and buy something that is marketed like this. In my opinion, it’s only bad if people are being ruled by how others market their products.

In McGraw, Why Feminine Technologies Matter, She says that people usually associate technology with a utility, for example a razor made for shaving, it’s actual role is decorative. So going along with the example, a razor we usually associate with shaving is now a razor made specifically for women because it’s purple, when if fact, it does the same thing other razors do.

Anyway, there are many other ways in which the world has divided and continues to divide people even by the products we use.


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