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Blog #8 (Cyborgs!)

In Donna Haraway’s, A Cyborg Manifesto, she says that being a cyborg is our way of surviving nowadays. We are adapting to the world around us to survive and to also became more human, as Amber Case puts it too, in her TED talk “We are all Cyborgs Now.” Case and Haraway both have the same idea that we are all using technology to become more human and connect with each other. We see this whenever and wherever we want. We can talk or contact though messaging to anyone no matter where we are and it’s great. We are social beings and technology just made it easier for us to connect.

But when I first heard the word “cyborg” I was thinking more along the lines of a robot or just someone that is heavily controlled by technology. I believe a lot of us are heavily controlled by technology. Now, when I walk around campus I see people with their laptops, tablets, cell phones (of course), and my favorite the ipod. I personally can’t live with out my ipod in hand. It feels as though I’m missing something if I don’t have it since I’m such a music fanatic.

It’s true what Case said in the video about missing a part of yourself if you lose say your cell phone or your laptop or your tablet or whatever you like to use to stay connected. I keep all my files, music, pictures, etc. on my laptop. If I lose my laptop well most of it will be gone. I could probably get some things back like my songs since I also have my ipod, but it just doesn’t feel right not to have my laptop with me since that’s what I use most of the time. I wouldn’t know what else to do or how I’ll connect with someone if I don’t have either my phone or laptop, and I wouldn’t be surprised if other people felt the same way I do if that were to happen to them. In short, what I mean by all this is that in a society that we live in today it’s hard to live without all this technology around us that is their, pretty much, to make us more human and stay connected.



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