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Blog #9 (User Generated Content – Outsourcing The Culture Industry)

I was looking up the terms of use on Youtube. Nothing really jumped out at me, but one thing I do want to point out is this “6. Your Content and Conduct: A. As a Youtube account holder you may submit content to the Service, including videos and user comments. You understand that Youtube does not guarantee any confidentiality with respect to any Content you submit.” In my opinion, this should be obvious. I mean when one uploads a video on Youtube of course everyone else can see it. They can also potentially steal it as well. It actually surprises me how some people just don’t seem to be aware of that. And it’s also sad to see people post up videos they regret posting up. So what ends up happening is that they take it off their main channel, but then some other person uploads it again on his or her channel later.

The terms of service is their to warn users of what can happen just by uploading a video, yet lots of people run the risk anyway mainly as a way to connect.

In Burgerss’ User-Created Content and Everyday Cultural Practice: Lessons from Youtube, he defines Web 2.0 as “social media platforms built around user-created or contributed content” This is true. No matter what the terms of use say, people will upload vlogs, music, literature and so on on to whatever social media site they prefer because people love to connect to others who have the same interest. I know I would hate if one of my favorite youtubers Simon and Martina were to stop making videos.

They’re bloggers in Korea and like to make videos about Korean culture. Here is one of my favorite videos from them. Check it out.



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